Want to Become a Professional Evaluator of Talent in Baseball?

Fall 2014 Session Announced!

Scottsdale, AZ: October 13-19, 2014- Registration closes soon!
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Pro Baseball Scout School is an interactive, training program designed to give a foundation for evaluation skills of both amateur and professional players. This program will give you the tools and teach you the language used by the pros working in baseball today from a former Major League Scouting Director, Don Mitchell.

Learn to:

  • Use the MLB scouting vocabulary, including the ability grading scale used by MLB organizations
  • Develop skills for evaluating hitters and pitchers
  • Navigate an amateur player work-out
  • Gain an understanding of negotiating player contracts
  • Create a Scouting Portfolio to sell your new skills to teams
  • Plus much more… click to learn more about the program


Additionally, our scout seminar program will give you an understanding of how to present yourself when applying and interviewing for front office positions.

NEW: ALL FALL 2014 Attendees will receive one full-year Super Premium Subscription to BaseballProspectus.com FREE


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What past attendees have said:“This seminar was very beneficial and it was the perfect blend of informational and practical situations. You find out quickly if you do indeed have a passion for the game with the long hours each day. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to someone seriously looking to get into the game.” “It was an awesome experience, if you want a career in baseball, you should do it.” “You will learn a great foundation for scouting and the process for evaluating players, and how to use the knowledge and skill-set to communicate and network with people in the game of baseball.”
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