7-day Program Syllabus

The following program serves as an outline for the FALL 2014 7-day program, and is subject to changes.

DAY 1:

Morning Session: Foundation for Evaluation

  • Introduction and overview
  • Review of terminology, tools, grading scale
  • Types of Scouts (Pro vs Amateur), Video, x-checkers
  • Grading Tools
  • Positioning at the Field
  • Forms-Amateur report, PREF LISTS, PRO REPORTS

Afternoon Session: What to Look for in a:

  • Hitter
  • Pitcher
  • Outfielders
  • Infielders
  • BP
  • Pitchers
  • Baserunners


DAY 2:

Morning Session: Honing the Evaluation Skills

  • Reporting
  • Grading scale
  • Completing a report
  • Profiling a player at a position.
  • Conducting workouts
  • Individual Team

Afternoon Session: Evaluating at an Amateur Workout – practical

Evening Session: Getting a Job In Baseball

  • Player Development vs Scouting
  • Hiring Cycles
  • Unique Skills
  • Resume/Cover letter/ Portfolio Prep


DAY 3:

Morning Session: Honing the Evaluation Skills- part II 

  • Reviewing Workout
  • Cultivating an Area
  • Negotiating amateur contracts, ICB and CSP
  • Ballpark Etiquette

Late Morning Session: Evaluating at a Pro- Instructional Game – practical

Afternoon Session: Reviewing the Game;

  • Agent vs. Advisor
  • Signability
  • Pro- Scouting Assignments

Evening Session: Evaluating at an AZ Fall League Game- Surprise @ Scottsdale -Practical

DAY 4:

Morning Session: Pro-Scouting

    • Rule 5
    • 40-man Roster
    • Winterball
    • AZ Fall League.
    • Arbitration process.
    • Renewable Contract

Afternoon/ Evening session: 

  • International Draft
  • Reporting
  • Evaluating
  • Scouting Assignments

Evening Session: Evaluating at an AZ Fall League Game: Glendale@ Salt River -Practical

Late Evening Session: Networking Night- Post game gathering with Scouts and Industry folks
to learn more about life inside baseball in a relaxed and social atmosphere.


DAY 5:

Morning Session: Guest Speaker

Afternoon Session: Evaluating at an AZ Fall League Game: Surprise @ Mesa -Practical

Evening Session: Group Dinner


DAY 6:

Morning Session: Office Hours by Appt.

Afternoon Session: 

Scouting and Player Development

  • International Academies
  • Agent Role
  • College vs High School players
  • Contract Examples
  • Ownership view of scouting and player development.
  • Adapting to Org philosophy changes

Evening Session:Evaluating at an AZ Fall League Game:Salt River @ Mesa -Practical


DAY 7:

Morning session: Office Hours- By Appt

Afternoon Session:  Next Steps!