About Don Mitchell

Don is a former professional player for the Cincinnati Reds and 14 year Major League Scout.  Following his days as a Cincinnati Reds player, Don began his scouting career as an Area Scout with the Reds in 1986. He later was a Regional Scouting Supervisor for the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates before becoming the National Scouting Supervisor for the Atlanta Braves in 1993 and was presented a World Series Ring in 1995.

Don was named the first Director of Scouting with the Arizona Diamondbacks in the fall of 1995, and remained in that role until 1999. During his stint in this role, he was responsible for the day to day operations of the scouting department supervising 35 scouts in 7 countries with an annual budget of over $10 million.

Some of the players Don has been involved in scouting and signing during his career include Jim Thome, Brad Penny, Reggie Sanders, Lyle Overbay, Jose Valverde, Jermaine Dye, Kevin Millwood, and Jason Kendall.

In 1999,  Don jumped to the other side of the table and formed  his own baseball representation firm, GAAMES, that negotiated 32 top 3 round draft contracts totaling over $28 million including 5  1st round players. in an 8 year period.

During his career, Don has worked directly with over 35 current MLB evaluators including 2 current General Managers, 3 Assistant GMs, 3 Directors of Scouting, 5 National Scouting Supervisors and 19 fulltime area scouts. These include current MLB evaluators: Dayton Moore, Mike Rizzo, Bob Miller, Jr. Noboa, Roy Clark, Luis Medina, Paul Tinnell, Greg Lonigro, Steve Springer, Kendall Carter, Mac Seibert, and others.

Don and Seminar attendee David at Salt River Field, March 2013
Don with Spring Seminar Attendee David Haggard at Salt River Field, March 2014.


About Johanna Wagner

Johanna Wagner is a Media Consultant for Major League Teams and Players.  She has also taught Public Relations and Career Success Skills at Ithaca College and New York University’s Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management.

Johanna is passionate about giving students opportunities and skills to allow them to pursue careers in sports, particularly baseball.  Through her Baseball Career Bootcamp she has helped many students begin careers with teams with the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets.

Using her understanding of hiring within baseball, she helps Seminar attendees in being able to demonstrate their new skills, and honing their messaging in their job search.