What Past Attendees have said:“The program was a fantastic experience for me, and I consider it a major reason why I was able to earn my position with the Padres. It gives you the tools you need to challenge for a career in the competitive baseball industry. Every section of the course gives you another building block in every aspect of working within an MLB organization and environment. The combination of in-class learning and at the ballpark evaluating, along with the feedback provided by the instructors is a fantastic way to improve your skill-set and put you on the fast-track to a career in professional baseball. I had several years of experience in baseball and was very prepared for my interviews, but when I was able to say that I went to scout school that was taught by a former scouting director that really set me apart.”
James Parker, Associate Scout, San Diego Padres, attended Fall 2013


“The Don Mitchell Scouting Seminar is a comprehensive course that provides the foundation for talent evaluation, professional development speakers, and practical applications of the information and tools learned in the classroom. The program will have a dramatic positive impact on anyone that is serious about getting a foot into the baseball industry. I was able to network and really solidify my position for the Winter Meetings, so I could really see the tangible bump from attending the scouting seminar. Those events really helped me get the job, so they were absolutely worth it!”
Jeremy Kaufman -Video Scout, Baseball Info Solutions, attended Fall 2013

Past Attendees are now employed by:
Arizona Fall League
Baseball Info Solutions (2)
Campeche Pirates (Mexican League)
San Diego Padres (MLB)